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A Collection of Great Read-Aloud's

Have you heard of #readaloudrevival by Sarah Mackenzie? If not, I encourage you to go check her out on Instagram and on her website. Not only does she have a fantastic selection of great read-aloud's for your children, but she also offers wonderful homeschool advice and support. You'll also find her rich and uplifting book called, "The Read Aloud Family" as well. If you're itching to bring some more depth and conversation to your homeschool curriculum, I highly recommend incorporating read-aloud's. Below, you'll find my own personal list (some old, some new) that we have either read or plan to read as a family. I hope you'll find a few that inspire you on your own read-aloud journey!

Toddler through 3rd Grade:

If you're just starting out, and your kids are younger (toddler age through Kindergarten), I'd encourage you to look for some wonderful picture books by any of the following authors: Mo Willems, Jane Yolen, Patricia Polacco, Karma Wilson, Philip C Stead, William Stieg or Eric Carle. They are tried and true writers with rich story lines and wonderful pictures. Of course there are many, many more that I could recommend; however, those are my absolute favorites!

If your children are accustomed to hearing you read out-loud for longer periods of time, then these are some of the ones we have enjoyed over the years:

4th -7th Grade:

As our children get older, it's a little bit harder to find really good, quality literature (in my opinion). There are SO many books out there that are just full of fluff, rude language, inappropriate behavior, etc. The following books are ones that we have truly enjoyed over the years and are full of depth and rich in both language and plot.

8th Grade and Older:

My oldest is in 6th grade, so I don't have personal book recommendations for the older ages; however, I would encourage you to reach out to people who DO have older children and ask them what has worked for their families. Sometimes, especially for readers who are a grade or two ahead as far as reading level, the story will makes sense and they'll be fine with the vocabulary, but the content might be too mature. I can tell you from experience that it is REALLY important to vet the books you choose before just diving in! Take the time to review, ask your friends, reach out to others in homeschool groups, and find the best fit for YOUR children. Here are some that I plan on reading when my own when they get a little bit older:

This is definitely not an exhaustive list, but hopefully it will give you a jumping off point for your own read-aloud journey. And I would stress that it's not even always about which book you choose, but the time you spend, huddled in close with your kids. It gives everyone a chance to slow down, focus on really good literature, imagine lands and adventures far away from reality and simply be together. In a time of utter chaos in the world around us, reading together is a perfect reprieve!



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