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Children's Christmas Book List

Again, I do wish that I had published this list a few weeks ago because I really wanted to give you time to check some of these out at the library...but alas, I'm terrible at time management! But, I do hope that you can find some of these at your local branch, or better yet, maybe invest in one or two of them to have on hand over the years!!

I'll admit, just like everything else Christmas related, I *may* have a slight addiction to Christmas books. Unlike my Thanksgiving picks, I actually own all of the selections that I'm going to recommend...and I had a REALLY hard time picking just these nine. But, I do believe that they are my favorites, and hopefully you'll find a few that become your favorites as well.

I don't usually have an "order" to my lists, but this selection is different. This is, hands down, my favorite Christmas book of all time. In fact, it might just be my favorite children's book of all time! I actually don't want to give anything away in case you haven't read it yet, but I can promise is everything you want in a Christmas story. The illustrations are equally as beautiful, and it is sure to become a book you read every year (or cry your way through, like I do!). Get it. You won't regret it!

Almost everyone has either read this book, or watched the movie, but I couldn't do a Christmas book list and NOT include this one. I love Chris Van Allsburg's storytelling (another great one is "The Wreck of the Zephyr"), and the illustrations are unmatched as well. It's about a boy who is awakened in the middle of the night and taken, by train, to Santa's North Pole. It's an adventure he will never forget, and one that teaches him what it means to "BELIEVE".

**Also, Liam Neeson reading it is AMAZING!**

This sweet board book has been well-loved by my children. It's a poetic telling of the biblical Nativity, which makes it very easy for little listeners to learn and repeat. The illustrations are warm, and the whole book is melodic. I'd recommend this book especially for younger children.

This beautifully illustrated book is a Ukrainian folktale retold by author Jan Brett. It's about a boy who asks for (and receives) a snow white mitten from his Grandmother. She knows he's bound to lose it in the snow because of its color, but like most Grandmother's, she relents and knits him what he wants. As he goes to play, he inevitably loses one of the mittens and some woodland animals find and make it their own. It's cute, funny and poignant, and it's one my kids ask for again and again.

This is another board book that is geared toward a younger audience...though my kids still like it! It's a very simple telling of the Nativity story, but it's told from the barn animals perspective. Each animal tells what they are doing to prepare for the arrival of Mary and Joseph, and ultimately the baby Jesus. The pictures are really sweet, as well!

Admittedly, I think that I may enjoy this book so much because I've actually seen the Christmas tree that it's based upon. The tiny little tree is located off Hwy I-30 between Arlington (where I grew up) and Ft. Worth. I passed it every time I drove down the highway, and I remember exactly the way it looked adorned with red and green tinsel, and mismatched ornaments. This sweet book is the true story of the woman (who was formerly homeless) who decided to decorate it one year as the official tree for all of the homeless people of Ft. Worth to enjoy. After she passed away, other people decided to continue her legacy by decorating the tree for every holiday throughout the year.

If you've ever read anything by Max Lucado, you'll know why I chose this book. It's a story about a lamb who is different, and is often left out of the "important tasks". In the end, God has a perfect job for him, just as He has a perfect job for us. Lucado emphasizes that God uses our uniqueness in ways that we can't imagine, for His glory always. It's a beautiful book, and one that has a timeless message at Christmastime and always.

This is another book that I love because of its nostalgia. My mom read this to my brother and I every year, and it was one of my favorite Christmas movies in the late 80's! It's a hilarious but touching story about the Herdmans (the outcast family in town), and their insistence on being in the Christmas Play at church. Chaos ensues, but all ends as it should....with an Angel declaring that "unto us a Child is born"!! It is a short novel, so it would be great as a read-aloud with kids 8 and up (there *may* be a touch of bad language, I honestly can't remember. Nothing terrible, and you can skip over those words...just wanted to include as a warning).

I always like to find books that are a little bit different, and this is a perfect example of that! The illustrations are beautiful watercolors, and though Santa is at the heart of the story, he points to Christ as the true giver of Christmas joy. It has precious woodland creatures, Santa (obviously), and a sweet story about the very first Christmas and how LOVE is the best present any of us will ever receive. This is one both you and your kids are sure to love!

*As an Amazon Affiliate, if you choose to buy any of these books, I may receive a small compensation. BUT, all opinions are my own, and I have not be compensated for the recommendations.*



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