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Thanksgiving Children's Book List

I wish I had linked this list a little bit earlier as it sometimes takes a little bit to find/reserve them at the library...but better late than never, right!?! I've chosen to include some of our tried and true favorites, as well as some that are new to us this year. As always, I hope it they bless your family as they have blessed ours over the years.

This book is new to us this year, but we really enjoyed it! It's not really a "story", but a series of Cherokee celebrations that take place throughout the year. The word "otsaliheliga" is used by the Cherokee Nation to express gratitude, and the author Traci Sorell (who is a member of that tribe) masterfully weaves it throughout the pages. It's a dual-language book that is beautifully illustrated, and is both interesting and timely.

Master Illustrator, PJ Lynch, makes his writing debut with this true story about John Howland...the boy who almost didn't make it to the New World. Though a very thorough and lengthy read, we found it to be extremely interesting and it held even my 6 year old's attention. You will love the illustrations, and the story will leave you wanting more information about the young John Howland!

We've had this book for a few years now, and it's a family favorite! I'm a sucker for non-fiction (even loosely based), and this one did not disappoint. It's all about Sarah Hale, the true hero of Thanksgiving! Armed with her pen, she "fought" by writing to 5 President's to get an official Thanksgiving date on the calendar. She was determined, relentless, and persuasive...all traits I LOVE to see in girls! The author also includes a plethora of fun facts, trivia, and resources about the origins of both America and the fest of Thanksgiving. It's funny and informative, and I think you'll truly enjoy it.

Another favorite of ours, this beloved tale is about Mr. and Mrs. Moose and their desire to have Turkey for dinner. Not to eat, but to join them at their table to celebrate Thanksgiving. It's sweet and funny, and just right for younger readers.

This funny story is about a Jewish family living in Brooklyn who has never celebrated a traditional Thanksgiving. But when Papa wins a turkey at work, the laughs begin! I love that it's told from an immigrant's perspective, and though it's obviously not "real life", it opens a door to talk with your kids about different cultures and celebrations. It's a cute one, and I guarantee your children will laugh out loud at the shenanigans!

A rhyming story about a how a Turkey became a school's mascot. Though I'll admit, there's nothing particularly unusual about this book, my kids love the illustrations and think the turkey is hilarious! Any story that keeps them asking for more is a WIN in my book!

If you've read this book, you know why I included it on this list. It is truly a PERFECT read for Thanksgiving. It's about a sort of pretentious grandmother who is quite nervous about the scruffy Mr. Whiskers getting ahold of her secret Cranberry Bread recipe. It's quite sentimental, and warm, and is just the best book for this time of year. AND, it includes the recipe for Cranberry Bread, too!!

This was another new one for us, but we quite enjoyed it! It's a true story about a family in New York who has been celebrating Thanksgiving in the woods for the past 20 years. I really enjoy hearing about the way other families celebrate holidays, and what it means to them...and this time was no different. It's fun to get a sneak peek into other people's traditions, and what makes the so special. This one was definitely a keeper for us.

All the warmth of the Thanksgiving season wrapped up in one book! Karma Wilson focuses on Psalm 92, and celebrates all the joy that holiday brings. From family to apple cider, the text and pictures somehow make you visualize your own list of things that make Thanksgiving special. We love this book, and I hope you will, too.

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