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May Scripture Writing

I supposed you could look at this post one of two ways: it's either 22 days late, OR 9 days early. I'm choosing to stick with the latter! I've never claimed to be great at managing my time, and I've realized that no matter how much I truly enjoy the activity (ie. writing/encouraging/teaching), I'm still absolutely terrible at the planning part, unfortunately. All of this to say, I really do TRY to have all my ducks in a row, and I truly appreciate your patience and grace...and the fact that you stick around and come back from time to time!

Without further ado, I am SO excited to share our May Scripture Writing Challenge. I really enjoy diving into the Word every month to find the verses that I think speak best to the "topic" that I choose. It takes me several days to discern which ones to pick, and I pray over the finished product because it is my sincere hope that the Holy Spirit moves in your heart and life as you read them. I've actually been thinking about the "Prophecy" theme for a few months, but wasn't sure how to narrow that down. In the end, I chose the "Prophecies of Jesus", and the Lord truly blessed the research that went into it. I believe (and hope you do as well), that the Bible is the Living Word of God. It never fails to meet me where I'm at physically, spiritually, and mentally, and I believe that it can do the exact same thing for you. These verses, the ones that point directly to the birth, ministry and death of Jesus, were so convicting to me, and have so deepened my faith over the years. I can't wait to hear from you about how they speak to your heart as well. Please don't ever hesitate to send me a message (here or over on IG) as I would love to engage with whoever might be reading!

And, just a word on some of the chosen verses. There are a few that I included the fulfillment scripture for b/c they were a little bit hard to understand (in my opinion). The others can easily be looked up online or by using your Bible index. Every single scripture chosen has been fulfilled through the birth, ministry and life of Jesus Christ.

Blessings upon Blessings, my friends. God is so, so good.


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May Scripture Writing
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