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November Scripture Writing

Autumn is my favorite season, and Thanksgiving is one of my 2 favorite holidays. The colors, the chill in the air, the warm smells and even warmer feelings. I just love everything about it. The days may be shorter, but they just feel like they're filled to the brim with things that truly matter. Maybe it's just me, but Autumn brings with it a sense of purpose. A preparation almost. I look forward to the Advent season with hope and expectation, but Fall is all about the slow savoring of my favorite things and my greatest blessings.

I prepared this month's scripture writing with that in mind. Family, friends, community, our health, our home, the freedoms we have...there is much to be thankful for! And when the outside world (or even the voices in our heads) get too loud, I pray that these verses will bring a sense of peace and hopefulness as you write them out. Oh, what a treasure God's Word is, and what a privilege to be able to study it, recite it and immerse ourselves in it whenever and wherever we like, here in this country! May we never take that gift for granted.

Enjoy this FREE Scripture Writing Plan and share it with your friends...I hope it blesses you this month!

November Scripture Writing
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