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Top 4 Home Learning Subscriptions

About 75% of our daily learning comes from written curriculum. If your child is a virtual learner, or if they are in "regular" school, that number is probably closer to 100%. Textbooks and worksheets are great for tracking progress, keeping children on task and establishing a routine. Sometimes; however, kids need a little bit of supplementation to break up the day and add a bit of fun! Here are my Top 4 Home Learning Subscriptions (and maybe a bonus at the end), that we've used over the years and love. And I promise that your student will enjoy these whether they're homeschooled or not!

This will always be my #1 recommendation for kids subscription boxes. Each kit is filled with STEM Science and Art projects that are fun, engaging and detailed all at the same time! There are 8 different box types depending on the age of your child, so there is truly something for everyone. Personally, we've done the Kiwi Crate (for ages 5-8), the Atlas Crate (for ages 6-11) and the Tinker Crate (for ages 9-16). If you're completely unfamiliar with subscription boxes, the "jist" is that you pay a monthly rate for 1 box per month to be delivered directly to your door. The box will include every piece of material you need to do the experiment, project, invention or map activity (plus extras), directions, and a booklet that explains the "why" behind the activity. Take a look around the website...I'm sure you'll find something that your kids will BEG you to get.

If you'd like to try it out, use the code KIWI612 to get your first month FREE on any 6 or 12 month subscription!

**Because I love these so much, I've become a Kiwi Partner! If you utilize the code above, I'll get a small % of the proceeds**

Radish is basically a cooking club for kids. We love it because we've found the BEST thing for our picky eaters is to have them help with the meal planning, prep and cooking. Once they're involved, they are much more likely to try what they make! With this subscription, you don't actually get FOOD. You'll receive a cooking utensil (spatula, measuring spoons, etc), a patch for your apron, 3 different recipes, a grocery list, and 3 culinary skill lessons. You also get a few "table talk" cards that spur on conversation around the dinner table, and have always proven to be a BIG hit in our family!

Use the code FIESTA at checkout to get $15 off a 6 month subscription!

Most of you have probably heard of one or both of these subscriptions. For us, they've been a lifesaver!! While I don't love my kids staring at screens all day, I think there's something to be said for having something fun and "tech-y" in your back pocket for when you're trying to teach the older kids and those younger ones are getting into EVERYTHING! Does anyone feel me on that?! Honestly, I like both Reading Eggs and ABC Mouse equally, and my youngest says the same thing. They're both well made, relevant, keep her engaged, and I haven't had any technical issues with either.

This is another subscription that I always recommend to friends. We really enjoy geography around here, and I'm always looking for ways to teach it that isn't boring and filled with just straight memorization. We've found Little Passports to be a great way to do just that! With your first box, you'll get a cute little cardboard suitcase that is really fun for little learners, as well as a wall-sized map, a luggage tag and a welcome letter. With each additional box, you get stickers for your suitcase, postcards and a relevant keepsake/toy to remind students where they've "been". In the past we've received a card game from Turkey, a pyramid from Egypt and maracas from Spain. There are also stickers to place on the map, a letter from your "guide", an introduction to a few of the landmarks and special customs of the region, and questions for older students. All in all, it's very well-rounded, well-made and engaging subscription for all ages.

Use the code SAVE15 for 15% off everything!

**There are also science boxes w/ Little Passports, but we haven't personally used any of those so I chose to just review/recommend the geography subscription.**

Bonus Ideas ~

Mel Science: This subscription is a little bit more expensive, but if you look at the website it's easy to understand why. I just ordered our first kit, so I can't give a review just yet, I'm planning to go in depth in a future post, though! It's geared toward older (or at least more mature) students, and contains 2-3 experiments in each monthly box. The reviews have been great, and I'm excited to test it out with my oldest 2 kiddos. Check back soon for an update!

HighLights Magazine ~ I couldn't write a subscription post and NOT include HighLights! I've loved this magazine since I was a kid, and my own children feel the same. If you've never seen or read one, it's filled with poems, art work, craft ideas, hidden puzzles, pictures and stories that are geared for kids age 6-12. High-ly recommend! See what I did there?? I know, I'm a dork!


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